Everything You Need to Know About Engine’s Synthetic Oil

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If you are a newbie motorist, you probably have heard about others using synthetic oil for their motors, and you might have asked if it is better than conventional oil and should you invest in this kind of oil more than the conventional one? If you want some answers, then we are the right people you have been waiting for.

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What is Synthetic Oil?

This oil is typically made from artificial chemical compounds that include some powder additives aside from the base and carrier oil. These ingredients are mixed to ensure that your engine will work more efficiently aside, of course, providing lasting engine protection.

So what are the top benefits of using a premium synthetic motor oil in contrast to the conventional oil that most people use?

First of all, it has a consistent molecular structure that gives more efficient lubrication. It is thoroughly processed and refined to produce a cleaner oil compared to the conventional oil that is processed and refined lightly so some impurities are not distilled including some waxes and sulfur. If you use an oil that is not thoroughly purified, this potentially harms or lessens the performance of your engine.

Second, synthetic oil is mixed with state-of-the-art additives that make it more efficient. This allows them to withstand higher temperatures compared to the traditional oil that you use. If you are living in a tropical place where the hot season is always prevalent, then it is ideal that you choose synthetic oil. Moreover, if you purchased a high-end engine or vehicle, we advise that you opt for a cleaner and more refined synthetic oil as it can also keep up with heavy-duty engines. If you opt for a low-quality traditional oil, you are potentially speeding up your engine’s destruction.

The third advantage of using synthetic oil is its less evaporation during engine works. In contrast to the conventional oil that can lose up to more than half of its volume, synthetic oil can just evaporate in about 4% of its total volume when the engine works in straight 7 hours. Remember that when the oil loses much of its volume and evaporates in the air, it will cost you more money as you need to refill over and over again in a period of time. Avoid this extra cost by opting for high-quality oil and stop using the conventional one.

It is also important to take note that not all synthetic oils are made of the same quality. To ensure that you purchase only the best quality, go to your trusted shop.


There is a lot of advantage and benefits in using the newer kind of oils compared to the old one, and although it this might cost you a little extra dollars, understand it is cost-effective and that you will save more in the long run.

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