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Best DSLRs Which You Should Definitely Buy Today


DSRL has been the root of photography for decades and it has been a hot favorite weapon for those who wish to take their photography to the next level. A DSLR offers 3 basic but key ingredients i.e manual controls, excellent picture quality and interchangeable lenses.

On the other hand DSLR is one of the cheapest camera for photography and it can be almost used for every professional sports, press and wildlife photography and for various photo shoots.

In the market, there is a whole range of various DSLRs which are made for different purposes. But there are some standard DSLR cameras which you should definitely buy today.

Canon EOS 5DS


Sensor: 36x24mm CMOS

Auto focus: 61-point AF, 41 cross-type

Screen type: 3.2- inch, 1,040,000 dots

Maximum continuous shooting speed: 5fps

Maximum video resolution: 1080p

The 5DS feature of the camera has set some new standards for DSLR photography.

It caters 50.6 million effective pixels which make this camera by far a DSLR with the highest resolution in the market. The image quality of this DSLR is mind blowing and has an incredible resolving power.

Nikon D810


Sensor: full frame, 36.3Mp

Lenses: Nikon FX,DX

Monitor: 3.2-inch, 1,339K dots

Viewfinder: Optical

Though this DSLR has been knocked down back by Canon EOS 5DS, But still Nikon is a very great buy. This DSLR is best suited for those who are into sports, action and wildlife photography. The outright image quality and value for money of this DSLR is unmatchable.


A Go-Getter’s Guide On Men’s Footwear

Guide On Men’s Footwear

The footwear is considered to be the very foundation on which a person stands upon. In a day a footwear absorbs 3000+ times the force of your weight. So a bad choice of footwear can not only lead you to discomfort but you can also get injured on wearing them.

With the availability of a large number of high-end men’s footwear stores online choosing and buying a footwear has become pretty much easy. You can carry out a hassle free and affordable men’s footwear online shopping from which is one of the most reputed online stores for footwear.

Basically, every man dreams to have a footwear which is both functional and stylish. So here is a full-fledged guide on men’s footwear which can help you out with your footwear goals.

Choose A Footwear According To The Occasion

Every type of footwear is made for a particular purpose for example running shoes are meant for the protecting your feet while running which means that you cannot wear any other kind of shoes for running. Wearing a footwear outside their prescribed functionality can lead to discomfort.

Invest In Quality

When it comes to buying footwear not everyone can spend hundreds of dollars on them. So most of them instead go for cheaper options. But low-quality footwear are made using cheap raw materials which wear out in a very less time. So if you want to save money on along term basis then it is better that you invest on buying branded and expensive shoes which last for a very long time.


Certain Bad Habits Which Can Cause Weight Gain


Bad habits are good for nothing and they affect every aspect of our lives very badly. Bad habits have also been affecting weight-loss efforts and hindering it.

Nutrisystem is a very renowned supplier of weight loss supplements and diet plans which are proved to be best for weight loss. You can avail Nutrisystem promos at the for getting their diet plans and supplements at an affordable price.

Here are some bad habits which hinder increase weight.

Eating amnesia- The major cause of this is due to TV. Mostly people tend to eat while watching TV and they get so deeply lost in watching TV that they don’t realize how much they are eating. This leads to over-eating which is a major cause of weight gain.

Too few zzz’s- Having a lesser sleep may also lead to weight gain as it triggers your hunger even if you are full. The major reason behind this is the loss of sleep affects the secretion of cortisol which is a hormone which regulates appetite.

After-dinner treats- Mindless eating is one of the major reasons which tend to arise weight gain. A lot of people tend to eat a sweet dish even after they have had dinner. This leads to consumption of some extra calories.

So if you wish to carry out a successful weight loss then it is a must that you avoid all these bad habits and cater some good weight loss habits.


Some Of the Best Weight Loss Tips Of All Time


With a large number of availability of online weight loss programs and tips, it is likely that you may get confused on which one to choose and which not.

So here are some weight loss tips which are proven to best and all-time effective.

Don’t Stay Hungry

A lot of people when they are on their way to losing weight they tend to skip their meal thinking that eating less will help them in their path. But this is not the truth. Hunger is one of the main reasons or factors which ca hinder your weight loss. If you stay hungry for a long time you will end up in eating a large amount of food which is not good. So it is advisable that instead of skipping your meal, eat a balanced healthy meal according to your planned time so that you don’t remain hungry and over eat later.

Be Honest About Your Daily Calorie Allowance

As a dieter, you must have a daily calorie budget in order to maintain your weight loss. You should always have a calorie budget as it helps you control your calorie intake ad lets you plan your diet.

Eat Right Post-Workout

Don’t overestimate the number of calories which you burn during a workout. When a person overestimates their calorie burn, it is likely they will consume food more than their requirement. This vitally affects their weight loss and makes it difficult for them to maintain it. So it is important that you have a clear check on how much calories you are burning so that you don’t overeat to cover up your calorie intake.

Weight loss is all about hard work, dedication and most important of the all, following the right diet and having it in right portions.

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Photographs Which Laid A Great Impact On The World

Leaning out of train windows at Feltham Station, soldiers departing for Egypt kiss their wives and girlfriends goodbye. September 1935.

Leaning out of train windows at Feltham Station, soldiers departing for Egypt kiss their wives and girlfriends goodbye. September 1935.

The Victory Kiss

This picture was captured by Alfred Eisenstaedt in which a passionate American sailor is kissing a woman in the Times Square. This pic became a clear symbol of joy and excitement at the end of World War II. A lot of people claimed to be the kissers but a book released in 2014 identifies the duos as George Mendosa and Greta Zimmer Friedman. In 2005 Friedman laid the beans over this incident stating “It wasn’t as much of a kiss. It was more of a jubilant act that he didn’t have to go back.

The Tank Man

In the year 1989 a lot of student demonstrators died in Beijing, at that time suddenly a Chinese protester walks in front of People’s Liberation Army tanks in Tiananmen Squarein. This incident was captured by 5 photographers which later on became a symbol of deflance in the face of oppression. A photographer named Charlie Cole won the World Press Photo Award for his version of the photograph. What happened next to the “Tank Man” still remains unclear.

The Flag-Raising

It was the time of World War II when this patriotic scene of U.S troops was captured by Joe Rosenthal in 1945 when the troops were raising a flag in Iwo Jima on the top of Mount Suribachi. This photograph earned Joe Rosenthal a Pulitzer Prize but he was also being suspected of staging the patriotic scene. But later on it was proved to be a genuine event.

Suspect Shot Dead

This picture was shot during the Vietnam War by Eddie Adams who photographed Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan who was a South Vietnamese police chief. In this is seen to be killing a Viet Cong suspect Nguyen Van Lem on a Saigon street during the early stages of the Tet offensive in 1968. Get the few more fun and facts on photography by visit


Explore the Advantages Of Executive Charter Flights



What can be more luxurious then to fly first-class in a stylish and duly comfortable armchair? No, there’s more than that…. First class flights are just outstanding but when compared to private jets the scene is something totally different. Only private flights can satisfy you with the “Personal Approach” thing to it’s full extent. Private charter flights are the vertex of what successful business people, who value their time and money, can get. If you’re flying private, then this is what exactly one can say for you “There’s nothing in life that you can’t afford”. Flying in private jet is a symbol of status, success and wealth.

There are some obvious reasons to justify what makes Private Jet Charter Flight so swanky:

Create your own route and save time

Private jets with smaller size can takeoff even from the smaller airports and land on any airport in the world. This is the most amazing advantage of a private jet that it is able to fly directly to those airports where commercial flights don’t go. You can schedule your flight on your convenient itinerary and that truly saves your valuable time.

 Safety with Private Jets

Although there are many advantages with private flying, Safety is the key one of them. There is nothing important than your safety in the life and you can guarantee it on the private flights. Jets more than 5 years older need to be compliant with technical regulations and the jet crew goes through the special training sessions both on special flight simulators and on the real flights giving a safe and timely delivery.

Private Jet is your personal aircraft

Once you board your private flight, you are greeted with your favorite drinks, music, movie or even a book to read. You can do what you want. While you’re traveling with your children, chartering a private jet would ensure safety and enjoyment for your family. You’ll be catered your favorite food, you can have a chat with the pilots once the plane has taken off and is still in the air.

Additionally, you can held business meetings in a quiet atmosphere and discuss business plans with your executives while onboard.

Obviously, these are not the only reasons of a private jet, but you can definitely add them to the list. The unsurpassed comfort, lavishing luxury and personal approach are the factors you get used to quickly and once you’re indulged in these, you’re not likely to buy a first class ticket on a commercial airline.

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Facts About Photography That No One Will Tell You


PhotographyPhotography is one of the most widely carried out activity by a large number of people. But there are some aspects about photography which have been unknown to the world.

So lets have a look at some of the most fascinating and weird facts about photography which will just drop your jaws.

  • Steve Sasson was the creator of the first digital camera in 1975 who was an engineer at Eastman Kodak. The initial weight of the camera was 8 pounds and had a recording quality of 0.01 megapixel black and white photos.
  • The first ever known aerial photograph was taken by French photographer Gasper Felix Tournachion in 1858.
  • 1923 Leica O-Series is one of the most expensive camera on the planet as it was sold for around $2.79 millions at a WestLicht auction.
  • The first ever viable colour process in photography was introduced by the Lumiere Brothers. They has developed an autochrome plate in 1907.
  • A Scottish physicist named James Clerk Maxwell created the first ever colour photograph in 1862. He photographed tartan ribbon 3 time and then later on he combined the images into a final composite.
  • George Eastman brought photography to a mass level when he received patent for his film roll on Sept 4 1888. After that in 1932 he committed suicide notifying through a letter saying “My work is done. Then why wait?”